Tuesday, February 2, 2010

You Know What's Awesome?

Valium. Valium is awesome.

If I were in the market for a new addiction, I'd strongly consider this one. Although bear in mind that I am still pretty loopy.

You know what's better than valium?

You all. Thanks for all the kind messages today. When I heard the word "tenaculum," I unfolded them and read them again. (And tried to name every part of England that I could. I'm pretty good with geography, but not when high, apparently. Kept getting caught in a Devon-Dover-"They'll be bluebirds over the white cliffs" loop.)

More later, when I am sobered up. Typing like this is way too hard.

P.S. The socks, for the curious and the SITM faithful, are from Little Miss Mismatched (which means there's a third one, too, in red and yellow). The nurse liked them, too.


  1. I've had to take Valium before each one of my transfers and it's never had that good of an effect on me. Drats - somehow I feel like I'm being cheated. Vicodin and Demorol, however - now that's some GOOOOOD stuff.

    I love Little Miss Mismatched. The girls each have a few sets of LMM pjs, but I have never bought socks from them before. Must change that ASAP because those socks are the Bad Ass.

    Now onto the crazy phase....

  2. Love the LittleMissMatched socks and I hope they brought you luck!

    I'm jealous of y'all and your reactions to meds. All Vicodin does is kill pain. I get none of the fun reactions.

  3. I love LittleMissMatched socks too! I have a couple of different pair.
    Quite a few years ago I had a coworker give me a pill for my cramps which I happily took without question (long before my days as a nurse). A couple hours later as I was giggling away my friend asked her what she gave me. Turns out it was a valium. I remember it being rather nice.

  4. I'm a Xanax girl myself. Took 2 .5s before my first egg retrieval, and I couldn't walk by myself by the time they called me back.