Monday, December 13, 2010

Still More Of Me To Love

Greetings from your favorite dugong! Not only is my physique tending towards the marine mammal look (though I look considerably less svelte than a real dugong, I'm afraid), but my attempts to forestall rib pain by keeping my arms close to my chest may soon result in their becoming flippers.

Still feeling like I'm being stabbed and rather peeved at Dr. Russian for not really listening to me about it. She says it's a bruise (though how I am supposed to have hit the bottom of my ribs with anything, given the significant convexities surrounding that area, I've no idea) and to go easy on the meds. I say it's a torn muscle or pissed off cartilage and it hurts like heck. Since the treatment is the same for both theories -- wait, wish, and pray it gets better before the Bean can kick that high up -- I suppose it doesn't matter. I mostly have stayed off the percocet, but some nights (like last night, for instance), that's just not possible.

Ah, well. Dr. Russian is, after all, Russian. Disregard for non-lethal injury is as inevitable a part of her character as the praise she heaped upon me for eating meat. I will gladly accept her boredom with my ribs, given that she is similarly unbothered by my having already gained as much weight as the practice "wants" me to put on over the course of the entire pregnancy.

I'd be lying if I said the weight gain didn't bother me at all, but I'm doing my best not to worry about it. I don't think there's much I can do about it -- I'm hungry most of the time, and we eat pretty reasonable kinds of food. I guess I'm just one of those women who gains a lot in pregnancy. My weight has mostly been stable in adulthood, so I hope that losing it won't be too terrible.

At any rate, one member of the household seems pretty happy with the situation. (He's usually more of a boob-man, but those are getting pretty sizeable, too -- and don't think he doesn't cop a feel.)

More of Me To Love

More of Me To Love

Now that's my kind of Perfect Moment Monday.


  1. That must have been some feel Kitty copped! I hope your ribs are feeling better soon.

    (Excited about your Bean!)

  2. I am so sorry you are in pain :( Trust me, I get it :(

    I, too, have put on an obscene amount of weight and have resigned myself to it with the same theory as you. Hang in there!

  3. sounds painful! wish they could figure out how to make you feel more comfortable!

    it's nice she is unconcerned with the weight gain though - some doctors are a bit crazy about it. my weight was going swimmingly until about two weeks ago when i started taking on water like the titanic! but today my doctor said "i have good news - it's just water so it will go away quickly". interesting consolation :-)

  4. 1. That dress is fabulous.

    2. Purring kitty can only be good for both baby and mama.

  5. Poor dear Dugong (I'm sure you are a lovely rounded creature at the moment, and not in the least dugongish really), your beloved offspring is, after all, forcing all your internal organs upwards into your ribcage right now, even if he/she can't reach to kick you yet. I can't see how that can be comfortable at all on a bruise (if it is one) OR a pulled/torn muscle or cartilage. Owie.

    My parents' cat always puts her little face right in my cleavage when I visit. It's sweet AND slightly creepy, but I let her, because the sweet wins.

  6. Now I'm wondering if its jammies, but still-- love the cherry print!